Our authors have been busy posting great content around the web and we're happy to share some of their recent writings:

Bruce Ashford: Briefly Noted: A Reflection on Peter Singer’s “Morality Pill”

Darrell Bock:  Australian Broadcasting Interview on Jesus

Paul Copan: “I Feel; Therefore, I Am”: Reflections on Cultural Emotivism

Jason Duesing: Hiding in a Corner Trying not to be Swept: The Japanese of Japan

Nathan Finn: Andrew Fuller’s Advice for Your Daily Quiet Time

Timothy George: We Travel Together Still

Jim Hamilton: How Does Genesis Establish the World of Biblical Theology?

Andreas Köstenberger: Jesus in the News Again

Todd Miles: Joseph and Jesus: An Adoptive Father’s Thoughts

Ray Van Neste: Bendable Jesus

John Piper: Prosperity Preaching: Deceitful and Deadly

Malcolm Yarnell: God and Evil: A Panel Discussion