Letting Go of Perfect

Letting Go of Perfect by Amy E. Spiegel

Anybody else out there have a major struggle with perfectionism? I am a recovering perfectionist, but I’m not as far down the road as I’d like to be (which is probably my perfectionism flaring up and judging my journey away from perfect expectations). 2 Corinthians 12:9 seemed more like a suggestion than a requirement for… [ read more ]

An Anchored Faith

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Mikaela Diel is serving as our social media intern this summer. This is a guest post from her:  “Sometimes community isn’t a grand gesture. Sometimes community is in the simple act of filling an empty seat.” -Kayla Aimee, Author of Anchored Little did I know that I would find the concept of this quote so… [ read more ]

Leaders are Learners

Forward by Ronnie Floyd

Leaders are learners. Leaders are readers. As I jumped into a ministry-based work force right out of college, I had leaders who passionately instilled these truths in me. I saw it in them as they discussed the books they were reading, that new article they saw, or a new way to look at an old… [ read more ]

10 Must-have eBooks on sale this week


You will want to grab these discounted eBooks while they last so that you can add them to your summer vacation/reading in the sunshine list! We choose our top 5 at two different price tiers, and you can have them ALL for about $20. That’s a major addition to your personal library for a small… [ read more ]

eBook Deals of the Week from Dr Rainer

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Pick your favorite reading space and grab a few of these eBook titles to keep you busy through the long weekend. This week only: Dr Thom Rainer’s titles are $2.99 on your favorite e-reader.  (Now through May 26.) We hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! Read good books! LifeWay Reader     Kindle… [ read more ]

3 Great Gifts for Graduates

Truth Matters - $5 deal!

As graduates enter a great time of transition as one portion of their lives closes and a new one begins, you can help to prepare and equip them for what’s next. Consider choosing a gift that might give graduates confidence in defending their faith and choosing their next steps with one of these resources below. Click… [ read more ]